I spoke too soon.

Written by The Thyroid Chronicles on November 3, 2009 – 2:37 pm -

Since my body completely shut down while I was camping, I have been choking on my thyroid. It feels rather like when you eat too many crackers and can’t swallow, or when something gets stuck in your throat. I thought it would go away after the Armour started to do its work, but the persistent lump in my throat has not dissipated one bit. I move my neck this way and that, yawn really largely, try to puff it out like a bullfrog. Drink water, drink juice, drink food, as if I can rinse or push it away. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because the lump feels so large and uncomfortable that I cannot stop compulsively doing neck exercises, to put some space between my thyroid and whatever is touching it.

My throat is full of thyroid

My throat's not fat, it's just pregnant

Yesterday, I realized that it had been at least two days since I felt the omnipresent golf ball and brazenly announced this fact on Facebook.

Perhaps such brazenity was my folly, as today I am choking again. I did a little research and words like goiter, nodules, and cancer appeared, bringing along with them, TERROR. I am loading up on fresh fruit and veg, hoping to assuage whatever horrors lie in my lower neckal regions.

Three weeks until my blood tests. My fingers are crossed.

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