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The point of my site is two-fold: to educate fellow thyroid sufferers and those close to them about how to deal with their disease, and also to extol the benefits of a healthy diet in preventing and treating illnesses. USC is attempting to scientifically prove the latter, but needs more vegan blood samples. If you’ve been adhering to a vegan diet for at least one year, please donate a vial of blood and be part of a study that’s for the good of the people and not, for once, for the good of Big Pharma.

Donate blood to USC

Donate one of these and prove vegans do it better.


This research study is about how the lipid composition of blood is affected by
one’s diet. We hope to learn how vegan diets affect the lipid content of blood,
which can have an impact on a person’s health. This can lead to insights into
possible diet-related susceptibilities to heart and brain-related disorders.
This information will be especially useful in studies aimed at diagnosing and
treating childhood neurodegenerative disorders caused by defects in lipid
metabolism, such as the Zellweger syndrome spectrum of peroxisomal disorders.

We are recruiting healthy individuals over the age of 18 who have kept a vegan
diet for at least one year.

If you would like to participate, please call us at (323) 442-5433, USC Health
Science Donor Center (located in Health Science Campus of USC, near the County
Hospital). We only need one 7ml tube of blood for the study, but we will also
give you an option to help us save lives by donating a Whole Blood or Platelet,
if you are eligible.


As a Thank you, we are giving each participant a gift card (Trader Joes or
Jamba Juice).

Thank you again for your support of our efforts. We have only had about 15
participants and need close to 50 for the researcher. The study will be
published and will be available to all participants who are interested in their

Thanks again and look forward to seeing you donate!

Maria Muniz

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