Turmeric cures staph!

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My goal this year is to obliterate my tendency to procrastinate. I have sadly procrastinated in telling this helpful tale about turmeric, which could’ve assisted some peeps long ago. Now is better than never, however!

Last summer, I was living in a house that was barely one step removed from the outdoors and developed a big painful inflamed lump in front of my left arm hollow, which I naturally assumed was a spider bite. I tried to squeeze it, put tea tree oil on it, put hydrogen peroxide on it, and just generally waited. Two weeks later, however, it was still as red and angry as before. If anything, it was getting worse. I went out with a sun dress on, with this nodule projecting out the top left side like a third nipple, when a friend’s friend, who worked for a dermatologist, saw it and became alarmed. “Is it hard?”, she asked. “Yup.” “Is it warm?”, she asked. “Yup.” “You really need to have that looked at. It doesn’t look good.”

With my shyte Anthem/Blue Cross $3500 deductible insurance, I’m not getting anything looked at unless it’s grapefruit-sized or makes me pee blood. Thus, I turned to my ever-helpful friend, EarthClinic.com, and looked up “spider bites”: http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/spider_bite.html Follow the link and you may notice the prominent red warning:

Earth Clinic Warning: People are frequently mistaking MRSA-related boils for spider bites. Turns out that some doctors are making the same misdiagnosis as well! If you are not 100% sure that you were bitten by a spider, please make sure to read our Boil Cures page.

Holy crap!  I immediately went to the boil cures page, because I was not being completely honest with myself.  A week after I developed the “spider bite” in front of my left arm, I noticed a solid nodule the size and shape of a hazelnut in the center in my left armpit.  After reading up a little, the diagnosis was likely a staph infection, probably MRSA.  Thankfully, the most popularly suggested remedy was simple: turmeric.

After researching other effective and beneficial supplements, I devised this concoction, which I affectionately dub “Turmeric Tea”:


  • 8 oz warm water
  • 2 tablespoons turmeric
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil

I drank this beverage two times per day for five days and both growths were gone.  No shit.  I’ve been into natural remedies for a long time, but this seriously blew my mind.

About a month ago, my boyfriend said his cuticle hurt and showed me his finger, which had a huge red lump lining half of the cuticle.  I knew right away it was staph, because I had the same exact thing on my finger in 1999.  At that time, I called the doctor and described what my finger looked like and the nurse said, “You need to get in here STAT.  You have a staph infection, and it needs to be drained right away.”  Within two hours from that moment, they had drained it and my hand was wrapped up in bandages and perched in a sling.  I recounted my tale to him and he said, “That’s what I’m going to do!  I get this from time to time.  I just wait for it to come to a head and then I squeeze it out.”  I said, “ARE YOU CRAZY???  You can’t just do a home squeeze-out on staph!  It could spread and you could DIE!!!  If you won’t go to a doctor, I beg you to try out my home remedy before you put your hands on it.”  The next day, I brought him the ingredients, and just in the nick of time, too; by that time, the thing was like a white teat hanging off of his finger.  Aaaaagh!

A few days later I realized he hadn’t mentioned anymore about it, so I asked how his finger was.  He said he’d been drinking the beverage and the growth was almost gone.  He showed me his finger and I said, “Is that even the right finger?  I hate when you mess with me!!!”  But indeed it was.  My Turmeric Tea had eradicated his staph infection in three days.

This is not my man's finger, but this is what a staph infection on the finger looks like.

Yup, I’m a believer, and you should be, too.  Instead of having a scar like I do on my finger, and a huge doctor bill to show for it (I believe my insurance was charged just under $1000 for the finger incident, of which I had to pay $200 or so), grab some common turmeric and make this fairly pleasant beverage.  But don’t bother with the little supermarket jars – using two tablespoons twice per day will empty it in no time and be a waste of money indeed. Instead, get a large amount like this 1 lb. package from amazon. It’s a muuuuuuch better price, and you won’t run out for a very long time.

Also, don’t forget the coconut oil. This is the brand I use:

fOk the medical establishment. Fix yourselves.

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