The Plan: Day One

Written by The Thyroid Chronicles on January 13, 2013 – 10:23 pm -

Day One was not a success by any account.  My starting weight was 129.4, meaning I gained about 6 pounds this weekend from the pizza, Boca Burger, and queso.  Not the greatest starting point.  Despite only having half a cup of tea, I felt great, chopping and cooking up veg for the next three days.  As usual, I didn’t want to ruin how good I felt by eating, but finally gave in at 2, not due to hunger, but because I didn’t want to mess up my timetable.  I had the flaxseeds w/blueberries and coconut milk without the dried fruit or nuts, but felt extremely lethargic as soon as I finished the bowl.  I didn’t have time to lay down because I had to go to work, so I was compelled to have my leftover half a latte from yesterday and snacked on pickled beet strips as I cut them for my carrot salad.  My belly then blew up as big as it’s ever been.  So were the flaxseeds, blueberries, or the coco milk the cause of the lethargy, and were one of those things or the beets or the latte the cause of the belly?  I find it hard to believe it was the latte, since I have one (or two or three) every morning (ok, into the afternoon) without problems.  It could be the beet; we were supposed to use fresh, but I didn’t have any on hand and forgot that vinegar could be one of the things I was reacting to.

Carrot salad with pickled beets.

Was this the big belly culprit?

I was so starved when I got home from work that I ate some potato cubes my mom made, but I figured that wasn’t the biggest of deals since potatoes are on tomorrow’s menu anyway.

So, epic fail.  A cereal that is supposed to be so low reactive that it’s intended to be our breakfast for every day of The Plan was as sleepifying as a Xanax, causing me to need a latte just to stay awake.  In addition, I experienced my usual pregnancy belly from a mystery source, which is not very helpful when trying to collect data.

I’d like to say there’s nowhere to go but up, but in my case, unfortunately, that’s true – up on the scale, at least 🙁

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