The Plan: Day Two

Written by The Thyroid Chronicles on January 14, 2013 – 10:32 pm -

Weight: 122.8. Roughly normal, and recovering nicely from the pizza, queso, and veggie burger that enflamed my body (6.6 pounds worth!) after the weekend. I left the blueberries off the flax cereal today and, though I wasn’t lethargic, my belly still blew up massively. (I consoled myself with a latte – FAIL.) Thankfully, Lyn Genet responds to tweets super-fast, and we determined after a few back-and-forths that I’ll need to add the add Renew Life’s Probiotic with 30 billion organisms.

Due to my usual dilly-dallying, I did not manage to eat dinner before my plasma donation appointment, and it sucked the life out of me. I couldn’t even stand up at play rehearsal and I thought I was going to either puke or pass out (or worse, a combination of the two!). The stage manager gave me her Subway chocolate chip cookie and some Sprite and I only hesitated for about a second before I devoured them. I was in the first scene and was still so woozy that I needed to use my book (for a part I’ve had memorized for weeks now), but did fine without the book for the second scene that I’d previously memorized, and actually went off-book for the first time on the third scene and did quite well.

I felt a little guilty about the cookie, but it saved the night. I still feel great hours later, so I guess I “tested” the chocolate chip cookie and have nothing to worry about there 🙂

Subway chocolate chip cookie

My savior.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully have time to pick up the probiotic. Fingers crossed for a day less dramatic.

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