The Plan: Day Three

Written by The Thyroid Chronicles on January 15, 2013 – 11:04 pm -

126.2 – a rather disheartening start to a food disaster day. I had hopped out of bed at 3am after I remembered I needed to put my flax seeds for this morning in water, but that ended up being the least of my worries. It was a day care day for gma, and as usual, I was hustling to get there at a reasonable time. As I flipped though The Plan day 3, I saw I had NOTHING pre-prepared, and no time to make anything, so I packed up some of the sauteed veg w/rice and coco sauce for lunch and bunged it in the car and got a mug of granola ready to eat on the way. When I got to day care, I looked in my backseat and realized that I set down my purse and granola in the garage so I could help gma down the stairs, but I forgot to pick them back up. Thankfully, I at least had the veg to eat, though it made my belly blow up massively. When I got back home, I again didn’t have time to prepare food before play rehearsal, so I put some carrot ginger soup in a mug and grabbed my granola from earlier. I finally made it to Family Nutrition Center to pick up the probiotic,
but by that time I was starving and couldn’t make myself eat that cold flavorless crap again, so I went to Noodles & Co and picked up some Indonesian Noodles. And they were goooood. Though, of course, they made my belly blow up, like at every meal. I hope the probiotics help. Perhaps I’ll do day 3 again tomorrow. This food is miserable and boring. Lawd, give me the strength!!!

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