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Written by The Thyroid Chronicles on May 21, 2010 – 4:57 pm -

I view my usual morning health shake as integral to rebuilding my health, but I just moved into a new place so don’t have all the fresh ingredients at hand. Whilst lacking ingredients for the shake, I am also lacking the counter space to get my cook on because I am still unpacking. I did, however, have some TJ’s unpasteurized OJ kickin’ it in the fridge. Thus, the idea for the orange creamsicle shake was born.

so good for you, you can have every day

So good for you, you can have one every day!


It’s that freakin easy!  I should mention that I’m full right now.  This is actually a meal.  A tasty, tasty meal.  This is the fastest breakfast ever!

Anywho, some notes about the ingredients:

JUICE: I do not approve of conventional “pasteurized” juice.  Pasteurization is the process by which certain foods are heated to slow down microbial growth.  It’s this process that kills the enzymes in living foods, making them less useful for our bodies.  While pasteurized orange juice is little more than a sugar bomb, unpasteurized orange juice and all of its lovely vitamins and minerals are easily assimilated into our bodies.  How can you tell if the juice you’re buying is unpasteurized?  Usually, by location and price.  Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other health stores sell it (I get mine at TJ’s for about $5.69 for a half-gallon).  If you go to a restaurant or farmer’s market that is serving “fresh-squeezed” orange juice, you can be confident that it is not pasteurized.  Large chain supermarkets will not have it.

ISAGENIX: If you are substituting another brand of shake, make sure it has a similar nutritional profile.  I am an ardent fan of TJ’s, but none of their shakes have this level of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and its enzymes are active, which means they can be easily assimilated by the body.

VIDACELL: This is another product I use to speed nutrition directly to my cells, but it doesn’t change the flavor.

I think I’m gonna have one every day!  DANG that was delicious!

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