Microwave your food, microwave your SOUL

Written by The Thyroid Chronicles on February 4, 2010 – 4:14 pm -

I devote considerable time not only to trying to make myself well again, but also to figuring out why I became ill in the first place. I enter a wonderland of rage whenever I think of the things in our society that are perfectly legal in the name of commerce, but are thoroughly harmful to our bodies.  Of course, there is nothing new about this phenomenon.

I love muckrakers

Grossness then, grossness now

I usually get on one of my rants when I find myself doing something in the name of health that most people consider odd.  At this moment, I am eating leftovers that I relocated to a pie pan and baked in the oven.  Why did I not just microwave my meal?  Because microwaves were sent by Beelzebub so we could scramble our innards and get to Hades quicker.

microwaves are bad for you

Microwave your food, microwave your SOUL

Everytime someone sees me pour my cold coffee into a pot, reheat it on the stove, then pour it back into the cup (dribbling most of it, cuz I am Pigpen in human form),

Pigpen and Chanda are one in the same

See the resemblance?

people ask why I don’t just use the microwave.  Thus, I feel compelled to spread the knowledge that microwaves change food into something that is not nourishing to our bodies; however, I usually only succeed in appearing Looney Tunes.  I hate seeing that “please help me, I am conversing with a crazy person” look upon someone’s face.  I myself told people to shut their zealot faces when they told me about this years ago.  Howevz, I can’t stop myself from telling people things I think they should know, even if they don’t want to hear it and they won’t believe me anyway.

If you Google the subject of microwaved food being unhealthful, you will find a lot of pages that look like they were written by conspiracy theorists.  The following, however, are footnoted articles from sources that I trust.  Take it with a grain of salt, pin it to your dartboard, feed it to your dog.  Just don’t say I didn’t tell you.






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