Say no to GMOs!

Written by The Thyroid Chronicles on May 5, 2010 – 7:36 pm -

The US, in the pocket of such agriscience giants such as Monsanto, is currently pushing an agenda to make it illegal to label non-GMO foods as such, so consumers will have no idea what they are ingesting.  Why don’t we want GMOs?  Just for a start, they cause liver damage, kidney damage, stomach lesions, smaller brain growth, sterility, and, of particular relevance to my deathtrap of a body, GMOs trigger immune reactions and cause allergies.

GMO affects size

The smaller rat is 20 days old and born of a mother fed GMO soy. The larger rat is 19 days old and has been fed non GMO.

Mind you, when people are afflicted with such maladies as cancer, autism, or an underactive thyroid, we are often told that these things just happen, but that is most definitely untrue.  If a person puts dangerous material in their body three times a day, unpleasant things will surely occur.  Many people miss the forest for the trees and say they eat what they want and are just fine.  Sure, they might not have cancer – YET – but do they have allergies?  Acid reflux?  Bad skin?  Cellulite?  All is not well, my friends, but worse is yet to come.  Read here to get the dirt on GMOs and what they will do to your poor body, but in the meantime, sign this petition to stop the US from forcing this stuff down our throats.

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